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Deskera HRM

Case Study  10
  • User Experience Designs 2020
  • HRM Software
  • 2020

From hiring and onboarding to performance tracking and employee service, this HRM application covers all aspects of the employee experience. In this application, I helped redesign the existing interface by understanding and solving the current issues and creating a next level user experience.

UX Preview

Payroll Management

Small businesses use this application because it has the most common payroll features, so you can set up and begin using it immediately after adding employees. Also, it identifies the components that an employee gets, and calculates the wages automatically by taking into account the conditions that can be configured within each component, like pre-tax and post-tax deductions.

Recruitment Management

UX Preview

Appraisals Management


Employee Onboarding

With this app, users will navigate with speed and ease to reach their end goal of running their payroll with ease and speed. Basic onboarding is complete in a few steps. After that, users will find a slew of helpful hints peppered throughout the system for you to discover and finish setup successfully.

UX Preview


UX Preview

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