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Algo- winner™

Case Study  03
  • Web Design, UX
  • Fintech, Singapore
  • 2021

Next generation of trading

Financial apps aren’t the most dramatic products, they can make people boring, and pragmatic. As a complicated tool with lots of features and customization options, most of them requires a training or a guidance to get the best out of them While legal obligations require financial apps to operate in a certain way, there are always opportunities to provide users with a fun and relaxing experience while maintaining their professionalism and ease of use.

The Problem

Algowinner already had a web platform that allowed users to carry stock exchanges for equity, commodities and currencies. As a way of expanding their user base and enabling their users to trade on the go, Algowinner identified a need for an easy and integrated mobile application that could complement their web application. Algowinner team was looking for a UX partner who could demonstrate market knowledge of Fintech and lead them through the development process.

I was selected because I have years of experience in the Fintech industry, hands-on knowledge of finance & trading operations, and expertise in developing breakthrough Fintech applications.

In terms of development, the requirement was to

  1. Restructure and redesign the web application
  2. Develop an Android and iOS application that has a good user experience and robust features that allows users to trade on multiple stock exchanges for equity, commodities, and currency markets
  3. Create a Chatbot called “AlgoOracle” which helps users predict the stock market’s behaviour
  4. Design the landing page

The Solution

I aimed to understand the workflows behind the web app and identify needs and potential barriers with the clients. One of the project’s cornerstones was its user experience. We focused on creating intuitive usability, as well as visual and chart tools to allow for easy comparison of complex trading data of the mobile app. The UI/UX of the application was a result of an extensive research by our business analyst team to study the behaviour and motivation factors of online trading.
information architecture of the website

Web Application

A dashboard, the main page of the application, was the first thing to be designed. The statistics and data on that page made it a challenging page.

Dashboard: Displays general information about watchlists, orders, alerts, and news for a selected period (Previous Day, month, or week).

Virtual portfolio: Makes it possible to trade stocks in multiple markets at the same time

ChartTGPS: Chart that shows the history of stocks and predicts the future of the stock by using various drawing tools.

Algo Oracle: A smart assistant that helps users predict the future numerically.

Algo Oracle ?

The AlgoOracle is one of the key features of Algowinner that allows users to forecast the future behaviour of a stock. This is a trading assistant that uses data intelligence. Hence, Algo Oracle was developed as a gamified dark theme to give it a unique look and feel. Additionally, the AlgoOracle ? character was created to make it feel more engaging.

Mobile App iOS / Android

The mobile application designed to meet all the required functionalities.

  1. Easy Navigation to all the required Financial Data, Market Watch and Portfolios
  2. Ability to create and edit stock market orders
  3. Single search bar for stocks, indices, commodities, etc
  4. Push Notifications for Market News and the stock market alert feature.
  5. charting platform with a wide variety of technical studies and drawings, features to compare stocks and save and load workspaces feature.


Watchlist & portfolio

Place an Order


Set Up Alerts

Landing Page

The landing page design follows the same clean and simple style as the web application and mobile apps. Simple shapes on a white background combined with blue as a secondary colour emphasize the simplicity, trust, and user-friendliness of the product. In the blocks with information about the products, there are CTA buttons “See more” and “Register” which redirect the user to the sign-up form.

Visit Website


In this project, there were three parallel paths, Mobile app design, Web app design, and landing page development. The project was allocated a six-month duration.

The Impact


increase in registered users


increase in daily login sessions


Increased Sales

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