It’s no surprise that many of us entrepreneurs weren’t prepared for the recent outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, which forced the country’s biggest work-from-home experiment. To help you succeed and produce results, here are a few tips to take into consideration when thinking about working from home.

01. Re-look at your systems/work processes

Re-look at your system/work processes

When was the last time you re-examined your processes?  It is liberating to run your own business. The time you spend working is ultimately a matter of your choice. With all the demands on your time, we’re sure you have had a few sleepless nights worrying about how you’re going to keep your business on track. Now you have time! Keep a positive attitude. For collaboration, use Microsoft Teams, Clockify, TimeDoctor, Trello, Zoom, so you can stay organized. Make a list of where you currently are and where you want to be at the end of this year. Connect the dots!

02. Fill your business canvas

business canvas

In retrospect, you might feel that many things you did were irrelevant, or that every task you performed was outside your sphere. There may be an issue with your client acquisition. Take advantage of your extra time and try out Business Canvas!

Business Model Canvas allows you to reflect systematically on your business model. In this way, you can concentrate on each segment of your business model. You can also start with a brain dump, adding in the segments you immediately think of and then filling in the gaps. For your next business model innovation, use this list with questions to brainstorm and compare various options.

Click on the link to download your business canvas-

03. Read a good book

Read a good book

‘Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.’

-Charles W. Elio-

As we read, we develop our thoughts, learn new things, and keep our minds active while doing so. Learning, understanding, and becoming smarter can all be accomplished by reading. Read a good book today and find out what knowledge, vocabulary and thinking skills you develop.

Here are my suggestions,

01. The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power — Shoshana Zuroff

02. How To Do Nothing: Resisting The Attention economy — Jenny Odell

03. How To Read the Air — Dinaw Mengestu

04. Take an online course and spend some time learning!

Take an online course

Industry changes are constant. It is important for entrepreneurs to maintain their skills and stay current with trends, technologies, and new developments in their fields by participating in continuing education. Continuing education is also required for certain professions in order to comply with laws, remain licensed or certified. Professionals are encouraged to remain abreast of their fields through continuing education.

Let’s give it a shot! Google makes it easy! You can try,,, for plenty of online courses to stay updated.

05. Try your cooking skills!

Try your cooking skills!

In addition to being soothing, cooking stimulates creativity. Besides being relaxing, cooking serves as a creative outlet as well as a stress reliever. In a sense, it is a form of meditation, an act of engagement with the present moment.