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Seedevi Spices

Case Study  05
  • Branding, Web Development
  • Food and Beverage Exports
  • 2021

Born from tradition, transformed through creativity and technology

For centuries, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was well-known in the world as the spice island. Ceylon Spices were the best in the world, rich with flavours and aroma that distinct only to Ceylon.
Using our consumer brand perception tool, I discovered that SeeDevi Spice had the opportunity to further enhance the brand for the global marketplace due to its true, authentic and originality in the category. To help Seedevi Spice to stand out in the international market, I determined that it could leverage two trends aligned with heritage: the authenticity and heritage. This led us to a very clear strategy to reclaim the iconic assets.

I started by conceptualizing and designing the brand identity on the inherent strength of the most powerful brand elements. The logo has taken a circular shape to symbolize the balance and perfection of the brand. The imagery was inspired by the flower of Cinnamon. The flower itself biologically symbolizes the generations and rebirth.

Typography was carefully selected to give the best expression of the fineness of the products. I have articulated an earthy colour palette that makes the brand associate with nature and earth which helps it to stand out dramatically on the shelf. SOLUTION Design elements were selected precisely, to pursue the harmony between authenticity and modernity, refinedness and naturalness. Logo, tagline and colour palette was blended in such a way to enhance the oriental beauty in an elegant form.

Creating a unique online store was significant. I looked to adhere with latest industry practices and standards, usage of market-leading technologies for all aspects of the solution, the built-in capability to extract insights and consumer behaviour, mobile-centric user interface which expands smoothly to other devices, guaranteed 99.99% availability and seamless scalability to accommodate traffic fluctuations. Furthermore, I designed a distinct user experience solution that helps the consumer to have a memorable brand experience on-site. Also, through this visual identity, it has given the best look & feel to show the quality of the products and to illustrate the Sri Lankan ancient history of Spices. I enhanced the communication to make the brand memorable for the shoppers. I amplified the brand via digital platforms that had emphasized the brand internationally

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