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Deskera HRM Application - Redesign

Cloud-based suite of integrated enterprise management application

Deskera is a cloud-based suite of integrated enterprise management applications headquartered in Singapore, with offices in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Deskera’s software automates everyday business tasks, such as bookkeeping, stock management, payroll processing, workforce management, and more.


Deskera 🇸🇬


User Research, Product Design, UX, Frontend Development




Enterprise management SAAS


Researcher, Designer, Fronend Developer


Project Overview

The focus of this case study is on the redesign of Deskera’s Human Resource Management (HRM) application. The HRM application covers all aspects of the employee experience, from hiring and onboarding to performance tracking and employee service. The main goal of this project was to create a next-level user experience by understanding and solving current issues in the existing interface.

Research & Analysis

To begin the redesign, we conducted user research and analysis, including interviews with current users and a comprehensive usability evaluation of the existing system. We discovered that the existing interface was cluttered, confusing, and lacked user-friendly features. Users struggled with finding important information and completing tasks efficiently. Based on these findings, we developed a set of user personas and user journeys to guide the redesign process.

Design &

In the design phase, we focused on simplifying the interface, streamlining user flows, and incorporating user-friendly features. We also aimed to make the interface aesthetically pleasing and visually consistent throughout the application.

One of the features we redesigned was the Payroll Management module, which is a crucial component of the HRM application. We made it more accessible and user-friendly by including the most common payroll features, automating calculations based on pre- and post-tax deductions, and creating an intuitive interface that enables users to complete payroll tasks quickly and efficiently. 

Another module we focused on was the Recruitment Management module. We redesigned this module by creating a user-friendly interface for posting job openings, filtering resumes, and communicating with applicants. The new interface also includes features such as interview scheduling, candidate tracking, and automated messaging to keep applicants informed throughout the hiring process.

We also redesigned the Appraisals Management module, which helps managers conduct performance reviews and provide feedback to employees. We created an interface that allows managers to set goals and objectives for their team, conduct regular check-ins, and provide feedback in real-time.

The Competencies module, which helps track employee skills and qualifications, was also redesigned. We made the interface more intuitive and user-friendly, with easy-to-use features for tracking employee competencies, certifications, and other qualifications.

The Employee Onboarding module was also revamped to make the process faster and more efficient. The interface was streamlined, and helpful hints were added throughout the system to guide users through the onboarding process.


The redesigned HRM application was a success, with users reporting increased efficiency, speed, and ease of use. The new interface was visually appealing, and user-friendly features were added to streamline user flows and simplify complex tasks. The redesigned application helped Deskera to stand out in the crowded HRM software market and was well-received by current and potential users.


Through a comprehensive user research and analysis process, we were able to identify pain points in the existing interface and create a next-level user experience for Deskera’s HRM application. The redesigned application was a success, with users reporting increased efficiency, speed, and ease of use. By creating a more user-friendly and visually appealing interface, Deskera was able to differentiate itself in a competitive market and meet the needs of its users.

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