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How It Feels to Be Recognized by Your Favorite Design Agency?

As a product designer, having my web design portfolio featured on Ramotion’s blog, a leading digital branding and UI/UX design agency in San Francisco, is a great honor. It is incredibly humbling to be recognized by a design agency that I admire for their innovative work and commitment to design excellence.

Through my portfolio, I aimed to showcase my design philosophy and approach, as well as my technical skills and expertise in various design tools and techniques. As a designer, I understand the importance of creating visually appealing, user-friendly, and engaging designs that meet the needs and preferences of the target audience.

Talented Singapore-based brand strategist and web designer Sandy Galabada has derived his inspiration from a flamboyant retro era. However, he played smart. Instead of getting swept away in this direction, he has created a symbiosis of vintage and modern styles that instantly drives engagement.

Let’s break the design into pieces to see how it is done. There are:

a beautiful pastel coloring with old-timey feeling;

a huge customized mouse cursor that enriches exploration;

typography that has a lovely nostalgic appeal;

and headings on the hero area supported by tooltips with huge images, transition effect, and dynamic zest.

Each section is spiced up with the artist’s unique personality and devotion to the collage techniques. Everything comes together to show off Sandy’s design skills and talent.

I am grateful to Ramotion for recognizing the value of my work and providing me with a platform to showcase it to a wider audience. This recognition will undoubtedly lead to new opportunities for me as a designer, and I am excited to continue pushing the boundaries of design and inspiring others through my work.

Thank you, Ramotion, for featuring my portfolio on your blog. I am honored to be recognized by such a reputable design agency, and I will continue to strive for excellence in my work as a product designer.

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