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Case Study  07
  • Ecommerce, Branding, Web Development
  • Hotel amenities import & export
  • 2021

Upraise the standards of the hospitality industry

Ecolux is Maldives largest importer of Luxury Hotel Toiletries and Guest Room Amenities serving to largest number of international hotel chains in the country. Our finest quality Guest Toiletries are developed with natural formulations using natural actives, pure essential oils, exquisite natural fragrances, 100% paraben-free preservatives.

The Situation

An island country, the Maldives, is spread across the Indian Ocean and has a small population. The hospitality industry is the backbone of the country’s economy, and tourism plays a crucial role in it. It was basically an importer because Ecolux didn’t make any of its own hotel amenities, nor did they use the Ecolux label. In 2021, Ecolux began manufacturing customisable hotel amenities in the Maldives under the name Ecolux.

One of my friends referred me to this project, and we worked together on the branding process. We were asked by Ecolux to develop their brand and position it in the premium category together with the brand Hotel Emporium. Ecolux asked Us to create the brand strategy, brand materials, packaging, and website with a shopping cart. This allowed their customers to order directly from the website.

Target Audience

Ecolux’s business model focuses primarily on the B2B section, so its target audience is mainly the people involved in the hospitality industry and its decision-makers. People working in the hospitality industry (both locals and foreigners) in the Maldives ages 25-65 make up the target audience.

The solution

As the Maldives is not a budget travel destination, I decided to position Ecolux as a luxury brand to attract professionals in the hospitality industry; all brand materials and digital products were created to cater to this audience.


The brand was explored with a variety of logos and marks. We (myself and stakeholders) chose the following logo to best represent the concept of Ecolux. We chose gold against dark forest green as our primary brand colors. The golden color was used to symbolize the brand’s luxury values and premium status. Additionally, a leaf symbol was added to signify the brand’s eco-friendliness.

ecolux logo


We chose dark forest green as a primary brand color since it has a sense of accuracy, and it is one of the closest colors to nature. For the titles of the website and print materials, a gold color gradient is used. In addition, mustard color is used for buttons and secondary titles. Basically, it is an alternative to gold color. To make the Website’s body and text more legible, antique white and forest green are used.

Brand guide – Ebook


The packaging part of Ecolux is still in progress. After we created a strong brand strategy and created the Ecolux brand, I was asked to create the packaging design as well. A number of bottle and container shapes are already available on the market, according to stakeholders. Thus, Considering the high cost of packaging, All they wanted was to revamp the containers and bottles.

Brand Materials


I designed the Ecolux website at the same time we designed the brand materials. To be able to work on both print and digital materials simultaneously was helpful, since I could add to the visual concept by applying visual rules and seeing how they work together.

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The website is divided into two sections: information pages and e-commerce. It contains four information pages: Home, Products, About, and Contact. Additionally, the eCommerce section has products divided into three sections: Exclusive brands, Ecolux customizable products, and Furniture.


It is essential to have a compelling homepage on an organization’s website, since users see it first. According to the Pareto principle, the homepage holds 80% of the design direction (context, typography, colors, repeatable elements, etc.) and the rest of the pages hold 20%. In order to make the website more attractive, I have spent more time designing and developing the homepage’s parallax animation. I have created a 3D space of a jungle and a Maldivian island to emphasize that the product is based on natural ingredients and that it is luxurious.

The rest of the pages were created by following the same brand guidelines and design direction of the home page


The first step of the development process was to create the basic HTML structure, which was then converted into a WordPress theme. WordPress was used to create the rest of the website, and WooCommerce to create the shop.

Online shop

The Ecolux shop clients needed to be able to make and place orders, as well as provide their contact details via the website, therefore, the shop was designed with as few clicks as possible so that the customer could purchase an item easily. As there was no payment gateway in the system, the user completed the order by submitting the required products and their contact information.
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