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Sandy Galabada

Experience Designer

A proactive product designer & UX researcher

designing future user experiences.

Hi, I'm Sandy Galabada, a product designer based in Singapore. My expertise lies in UX research, design, and front-end development. I work with businesses to create digital experiences that are meaningful, user-centric, and impactful.

And now, what do I do?

UX Research

As a UX researcher, I use research methods like user interviews, surveys, and usability testing to gain insights into user needs and behaviors. I create designs that are user-centered, functional, and visually appealing, ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, I identify pain points and areas for improvement, delivering a superior final product.

Product Design

Specializing in product design, my focus is on designing products that meet user needs and solve complex problems. My human-centered approach ensures that the products are functional and visually pleasing. Working with cross-functional teams, I ensure the final product is user-friendly and meets business objectives.

Frontend Development

With skills in frontend development, I create engaging, intuitive interfaces that prioritize usability, accessibility, and visual aesthetics. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I develop responsive, accessible, and performant front-end solutions that bring designs to life, providing the best possible user experience.

App roa ch.

I follow an end-to-end design thinking process with every new project. This methodology provides a solution-based approach to problem-solving. By combining design, strategy, and engineering capabilities, I help businesses and products to embrace change, take calculated risks, and bring innovation to the industry.



The first step is to understand your industry, users, and business objectives. carry out user research to gather information that helps the design process and contributes to the creation of user-friendly interfaces.


Next, I look for patterns and trends in the research data. This allows me to create user personas, user journeys, and scenarios that help me understand the requirements and problems faced by users.



Based on the research and analysis, I start generating ideas and concepts for the product. This includes wireframes, prototypes, and user flows.



After the concepts are complete, I produce high-fidelity, logical, and appealing designs. To provide a smooth user experience, I emphasize usability, accessibility, and responsiveness.

Front-end development

05Front-end development

create responsive, usable, and effective front-end solutions. I design interfaces that are responsive for the web and mobile devices using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Testing and Iteration

06Testing and Iteration

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop the product and make sure it achieves business goals through testing and iteration. To improve the product and make it even better, I do user testing and iterate based on feedback.

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